Has studied Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design. He then studied Environmental Architecture at Politecnico in Milan. In 2007, during his studies at Politecnico, moves to Madrid to attend Fine Arts courses at the Univerdiad Europea de Madrid.

Since he was a student at the European Institute of Design he has been collaborating with professional studios as the one of Ronen Joseph and Fabio Rotella (in the years 2003/2004).

While still studying at Politecnico Francesco Fusillo worked as designer first for the Scandurra studio and then for the one of Da-A Associates.

While working for Da-A Associates, between the years 2005-2010, Francesco Fusillo participated in the development of many projects including the one for the re-qualification of the waterfront of Lake Como, that in association with Cino Zucchi’s Studio of Architecture, won the first price in 2010.

During 2009 participated in a reach project at Fondazione Albini. It was because of that project that he was then invited to work with 5+1AA studio of Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo. Fusillo worked first as project assistant manager and then became project manager. He worked at 5+1AA studio for four years, until 2013.

In 2013, he was invited to join the team at Studio Boeri to work on an international project in Kazakistan. Following the completion of that project he moved to work at Studio David Chipperfield in Milan.

In 2015 he exhibited a collection of objects, at the Salone Satellite, 

that were about food. 

These 20 objects were tools for cooking or eating, the “ 20 italian tools” collection.

Starting from the Salone, the activity of a freelancer begins.

Within his studio he deals with interior architecture (specifically, renovation of apartments) but also the design of furniture, and ephemeral objects.

Since the academic year 2015/2016 he has been a lecturer at La NABA in Milan with two courses in product design.


Renata Laudati, Ciro DeVita, Vera Scaccabarozzi, Marilea Liantonio, Nicole Muroni, Ilaria Pirro, Sofia Cesana, Vera Messana, Eugenio Tiziani, Giovanni Conti, Mario Filippini, Alice Mortarelli, Giovanni Dipilato, Vincenzo Marcella, Roberta Nardi, Virginio Briatore, Kairi Eguchi, Massimo Bonini, Terzo Paesaggio, O.M.A. Firenze, Memar Sara Meucci,